Top 10 Highlights of a Swim Life

     What keeps swimmers going, what is the fun that is found in endless hours in the pool and close quarters with a multitude of other swimmers. Here are the Top 10 Highlights of a Swim Life.


1. Racing

Racing for a swimmer is an adrenaline rush that compares to nothing. When I’m in the pool racing my mind is at rest, feeling the rhythm of the stroke and the flow of the water over my cap. Swimmers thrive off of the energy carried in the race against all of their friends and rivals. It is exhilarating.


2. Friends

Swimming creates a bond across the team, whatever tea your on, and between other teams that surpasses any other type of bond. When your a swimmer, you can be the closest friend of your arch rival literally. I was in YMCA swimming for five years and I made friends across every team we ever rivaled. I’m still in contact with them two years later!


3. Medals

Everyone knows this was going to come up. Whether your in swimming to have fun or to be the best, getting on that podium and receiving even the lowest medal possible is a thrill. You are better than everyone else behind you in that pool and that is a feeling that you can’t get anywhere else.


4. Snacks

Swimmers love to eat, not just at meals but all day long. Parents will get their child anything when they are serious about swimming so kids go crazy with the snacks. Especially if the meet is more than one day.


5. Going Out to Eat

Swimmer always enjoy a long day at a pool, but the capstone to their meet is always the meals afterwards when the whole team chooses a restaurant and they hang out for hours just talking about anything. I had so many conversations with Josh and Quinn that would never have happened or even conceived otherwise!


6. Best Time Patches

Everyone loves having tags and pictures hanging off their backpacks or sports bags. Swimmers are no different, I have almost ten best time patches hanging off my bag and I have gotten more than one comment before. Swimmers love being able to show off their best times.


7. Sleepovers

After the long meets, when you ride home with your friends and then stay up to the wee hours of the morning playing video games or board games… or both.


8. New Jammers/Breifs/Suit

When girls get new dresses, or purses, or makeup, or whatever it is now days. That is the feeling a swimmer gets over a new suit. I always loved getting a new Arena tech suit, or a Speedo brief with a cool logo on the side.


9. Swim Bags

It is similar to getting a new school bag, which mine will hopefully be here soon… *cough* Amazon… except you use it to carry everything you need for a swim meet. It is essentially like packing the essentials from your house in one bag and moving for a day.


10. Coaches

Last but not least, Coaches. I loved my coach, and I still go to his house and hang out an discuss swimming. Swimmers will have a connection with their coach because their coach knows their physical and mental state, as both are very important to our sport, and he/her watches them grow up through the swimming program.



That’s the top ten! Want some small tips on swimming or have questions? Email me at and I’d be happy to answer!  Have a great week!


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