Technique Is Key

Swimming is always called a lifelong sport and there are many reasons. Aside from the old man you watch swim laps daily back and forth and back and forth while Lifeguarding… That may just be me… anyways, Swimming can be preformed at a physical level at any age because Technique is Key. Technique undermines any idea people have about physical fitness barring any medical, physiological, or otherwise out-of-your-control bodily states.

Stream-line is the basis of all four strokes. Stream-line is keeping your body in the tightest, least resistant, position to go down the pool at maximum speed. Each stroke should be thought of as if you were trying to stay as streamlined as possible to keep your efficiency maxed. Think of streamline and stroking as an Entrepreneur would think of their business model.

Entrepreneurs think of business as minimizing cost maximizing profit. Well, any good business thinks like that to some extent. Each and every stroke you take in the pool needs to be thought of minimizing drag, or resistance, and maximizing efficiency, in theory letting you get down the pool with the least effort.

Swimming technique matters, every stroke, every lap, every practice. Below are some tips for practicing and useful drills to help you get the right technique for your races!


  1. Streamline – Streamline is practiced in one basic way, whenever you push off a wll, or glide through the water, or dive: get in streamline. Practice it perfectly so it’ll be second nature on race day. Drill to help you with this is to lay on your back and get your body as stiff as possible so that when your laying flat your feet are at the top of the water and so is your belly and chest. You should be able to skull all the way down a twenty-five in the same strong posture. It is working the muscles needed to stay balanced in the water.
  2. Freestyle Pull- One arm out, one arm stroking. Switch arms each twenty-five. If you look out the top of your goggles you might be able to see your hand so you can watch your positioning. Every stroke try to think about keeping the high elbow and throwing your body forward skating across the water on your opposite arm.
  3. Breaststroke pull – Using a flutter kick, go down the pool doing the stroke with flutter and try to move as far as possible with every stroke. You’ll need to keep the strokes relatively quick so you keep moving fast enough to be effective.
  4. Fly Pull – Lay still in the water, then do a body dolphin and take one stroke and a breath focusing on keeping the technique of your stroke as perfect as possible and getting your suit up as your chest is pressed down. Let your body stop again and repeat until you are all the way down the pool


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