10 Items of Gear Swimmers Use

1) Fins – The Wings of The Feet

Fins make swimming easy, and light, and fast! They also serve purpose. Fins show off weak points of your stroke as well as kick. Fins are also used to help you move along in the water with minimal effort, say if you were swimming fly with a flutter kick.You might use fins to keep you going down the pool so you could focus on stroking fast with great technique.

2) Nose Plug – Savior of the Backstroke

The nose plug, that beautiful piece of convoluted plastic that closes your nostrils while your swimming upside down underwater. The beauty of this is that dolphin kicking on your back is super easy now because you can’t get water up your nose. The downside, it doesn’t allow your body to adjust to keeping water out naturally when your racing backstroke.

3) Snorkel – The ugly Hobgoblin of the Pool

Snorkels are the deadliest of the swim gear. Water splashes and gets down the snorkel and you don’t have enough air in your lungs to properly clear it… Bad news bears. They do serve many purposes. Snorkels are used so you can focus on stroke technique without the breath so there is no added motion to think about.

4) Kick-Board – because a paddle board was overrated

Paddle boards are used to paddle around in the lake, river, pond, ocean. Kick-boards are more fun. You hold it in your hands and lay flat in the water and kick for who knows how many pool lengths. That’s about all it is used for anymore.

5) Socks – Pure Concentrated Evil

These are not the most well known of the Swim gear world, but should they be. Socks are essentially open ended nets that surround your feet and hold them to the bottom of the pool. Okay, that’s a bit of a stretch but when you have to kick a three hundred flutter kick with them it feels like you have prison chains attached to the iron cannon ball.

6) Weight Belts/Grunge Cords/Stretch Cords – Playground in the Pool

Weight belts can be fun, but they hurt too. It is very similar to getting your favorite tattoo, man you love it but holy buckets it hurts. Fly with a ten pound weight belt is like doing the worm over quicksand. There is no escape. Grunge Cords have one belt on both ends, and two swimmers swim away from each other as a tug of war fashion… “Swim away, Swim way!” Anyways, this is fun and useful because you have to swim your stroke perfectly or you will lose ground, and you get to create small team rivalries while your at it! Stretch cords are he less fun version of a grunge cord. Instead of pulling away from another swimmer, you get to swim away from the wall while the elastic cord is attached to the diving block. The different levels of the elastic cords can be easy or painful as too much cheese after lunch when you reach the last six feet of the pool.

7) Pool Buoy – Float you to high Heaven

Pool buoys allow you to float right at the top of the water with little effort. They let you focus intently on your pulling and correct arm positioning!

8) Goggles – The Essentials

Ever tried to swim for long periods of time without goggles? Two endings, your in another lane, or your eyes are dried like raisins. Goggles are essential to swimming well. My favorite pair is Vanquisher 2.0 ‘s.

9) Parachutes – Drag training at its finest

Parachutes attach at your hips by a belt, the they sit behind you and hold you back so that you could be swimming the speed of a fifty free but your time would reflect more of a one-hundred freestyle.

10) Headphones – Sanctuary

Headphones mean the world to most swimmers. Too loud in the auditorium, headphones. Too quiet in the gym, headphones. Not in he zone before your race, headphones. Music means a lot more to swimmers than you would think.


Do you know of any useful or jokingly horrible gear that swimmers use? Tell us in the comments below!


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