The Swimming Bag You Should Buy

Ever wondered how to get your swim gear and food etc from your house to the pool four hours away and to the hotel and back, the lugging of all that gear separately is a hassle. The solution: a big bag with many compartments. Speedo has provided the ultimate solution with the bag depicted above. I myself have owned a total of two of these bags. My first was the generation of the one above with gold plastic zippers-Not recommended-and then I have currently obtained a new orange one with black normal, metal zippers. Thank goodness.

The bigger bag I owned has the visible main compartment with a small pocket in the back inside that is for what I can assume would be laptops, iPad’s etc. On the left you can see a pocket for your phone and/or wallet. The same side also houses a mesh pocket. The other side has a larger zipper pocket for goggles or stretch cords and the like. The front has a large zipper pocket for caps and goggles and other small essentials like goggle nose pieces, ear plugs, a nose plug maybe… Anyways, the bottom mesh is actually the opening to a large water bug/mud bag to keep the dirty items, or jammers after use, from soaking the rest of your precious belongings. Perfect in today’s world. Another plus: They come in many colours!


Many more colours are available here for your pleasure!


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