Family Time

Family is a huge part of every swimmers career. Michael Phelps’ family is always there watching him and screaming their butts off when he wins. High school swimmers and club swimmers have even more time to connect with their family.

Two day meets, championships over a weekend, meals after the meets. Family matters a lot to each swimmer. My family at swim meets consists of my parents and my brother. Generally my brother hangs out with other people and doesn’t really connect much, but that’s not too different from at home. We’ve never really gotten along. I’m trying to decide what I want to do about that but That’s a different blog’s post. My mom and dad are always on the pool deck trying to watch my races, and if they’re not they are working the meet, timing, making medals, etc so the meet runs smoothly and the swimmers have fun.

Family matters a lot to me. I have so much to do during the week that swim meets are usually the biggest span of time i get to spend with my parents in a single sitting. It’s like eating three servings versus one and then snacking for three hours afterwards. It just feels better to have three servings at once, then having to get up and go back for another snack every ten minutes cause you got hungry.


Did this topic help you with your family? Do you enjoy spending time with your family? Do you not? For more epic posts about Swim Life then like and follow my blog! Check out some of our earlier posts, and send me some feedback on w hat you like, what you want and I’ll respond as soon as possible.


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