Full Schedule, How to Keep Up

High-school students at one point or another feel the pressure of a busy schedule. Band kids are busy practicing every morning at seven, Foot ball players and every other sport do plenty off off season and during season to make up a schedule of one student who does no extra curricular. Many of them get so wrapped up it’s hard to keep up with homework, God, family, friends, and relationships. (Yes I mean the ones where you have a girlfriend or boyfriend and you cuddle and watch Disney movies every Friday.)

Swimming takes you out of a lot of school. Today, as I’m writing this, I’ll leave at 1:45 to get on a bus and pull out of parking lot at 2:00 for our swim meet in Springfield, Missouri. Other swim meets can be as far as three hours away, in Joplin or Monnett for us, and everywhere in between. Homework becomes a struggle. On the Homework side, make sure you get it early, get it done, and turn it in on time or early if at all possible. Keep a planner. I don’t do this and I really struggle. I generally don’t do well with writing assignments down in class so my method is just to remember with my stellar, usually, memory. A planner keeps everything nice, neat (hopefully), and organized and it will allow you to sort all of your homework out onto a piece of paper.

Keeping up in your faith isn’t just a thing with swimming. People find reasons in everything to not read the bible, not pray, etc. I do this all the time. My solution was bringing my bible everywhere with me and instead of reading my fiction book I started reading First Kings and plan to finish soon. I read it during classes when I have a break, I read it when I’m waiting for band to start in the mornings, and I read it on the bus. I also keep notes on a note card that doubles as my book mark along with underlining important verses or phrases in my bible. I understand everyone is not Christian. That’s totally cool, I met a really cool friend at tennis camp this last summer and he was a Muslim. I didn’t know for the first three days! I say apply this to any religion, or major study you’ve devoted yourself to. Muslim, read the Quran. Jewish, the Torah and the Nevi’im. (Hobart K12) Buddhist, the Tipitaka. (Buddha Net Answer 66) And so on after that for every religion or science field, or major study.

Family, Friends, and relationships require a lot of time. First example is my Family. My last post was about the time I DO get to spend with my family but what about the time that don’t? How do I connect to my family when I’m generally gone till eight thirty at night every day. I attempt to stay off electronics that suck my brain in, I watch movies as much as possible with ym dad, I discuss books, tv shows, movies, plots, comics, etc every time I possibly can with my mom or dad. Friends are another matter. When I”m not home cleaning or discussing highly important fictional matters with my dad, or myself in my room, then I’m usually busy… or at a friends house for the night. I rarely go to a friends two nights in a row. I spend a lot of time cultivating the few friendships I have, versus the growth model of trying to attain as many loose acquaintances in as short as time as possible. I tried and it just didn’t work for me. I have a bit of an attachment problem, so I won’t give up on friendships easily, and if I do I generally feel pretty guilty about it later. My friends all understand i’m busy and so they make do and we have tons of fun and play video games and watch movies and write, surprisingly, and draw, and build any number of scientific and interesting contraptions. My friends and I know how to have immense amounts of fun in a really short time.

Relationships got their own section in this post because they play a huge roll in many teenagers lives. My experience is not a ton in this field but I’ll give as much advice as possible. I have been talking to my current girlfriend, and first girlfriend, Shelby Jade for almost thirteen months now. I have only been dating her for a little under six months, we started dating on my birthday actually. Easy to remember our one year! Anyways, I sincerely believe this relationship will stand the test of time for quite a long while. Many of my other friends have gone through plenty of relationships, one of them having a record relationship of only three weeks long. Swimming steals a lot of time you can spend with your girl for guys, and for girls it steals the time you wanted to be watching Disney movies on your couch with your man. I’ve remedied this with finding a meaningful relationship, that we both have an understanding that She is busy with homework, band, and family, and she understands that I’ll be busy swimming, working, homework, and family and band. We don’t need to spend all the time everyone fights over with each-other to stay together. My friends all clamour over every chance they can to see their significant other. I understand this but at the same time I like the once a month big hug and a movie versus it being a weekly, or even nightly, thing. It means more in some aspects. My time spent accomplishing other tasks become even more worth my time. I think being busy is beneficial to students in this aspect as it allows you to truly assess, and value, the relationship your in.



Do you have a relationship that your struggling in because of your busy schedule? Are you just struggling in general with any of the areas mentioned above? Like and share this post for your friends, and make sure to email me and I’ll be happy to share advice and any helpful sources with all of you!


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