Why I’m no Longer YMCA Swimming (And Why I Miss It)

I stopped YMCA swim team just before this last summer, the summer of 2016. I decided that two hours of practice from six to eight four to five days of the week, and a two hour practice Saturday morning were just a bit to draining being a sleepless, moody, try-hard teenager. I stick to just high school swimming now. Three months out of the year.

I stopped YMCA swimming for quite a few reasons. Kids on the team were absolutely fantastic, but as everywhere else in the world, not everybody worked well with each other. I had some grinding months throughout my last year with one or two swimmers on the team and it didn’t always end well. We got past it and we’re all friends now. I also at the time was managing to struggle my way through the learning curve of studying. That may sound crazy as I’m a junior in high school but I have not really had to study to make A’s before last year. As a sophomore learning study was killing me because even when I wasn’t actually doing homework I would now be required to study for a subject I probably didn’t enjoy all too much. So time was definitely an issue, and with that came the stress of not getting faster. I am firm believer that your state of mind dictates many aspects of your life, and my state of mind was very unstable-albeit it still is-and I actually added lots of time in most of my races. My state of mind was edgy to say the least, I was not very together when it came to my faith, I was losing my grip on homework assignments, I wasn’t getting to hang out with the friends I wanted to very much, and I was also worried about grades a lot because I needed to at least have a B to get my truck for my birthday. Those are the main reasons I stopped YMCA swim team.

I really do miss the YMCA swim team. Not necessarily the swimming aspect, as I fulfill that urge during high school swim season, but my friends. I miss getting to see Coach every evening before practice, brainstorming business, board game, YouTube video, and home experiment Ideas with my best friend Quinn. I don’t get to talk video games with my friend from Camdenton or watch funny Kevin Heart talks or clips with Shane. Josh still talks to me when he’s there but we don’t talk about much cause I usually have to go or I’m working. I have lost a major connection with most of my all time best friends and as of right now there isn’t a spectacular way to fix the situation. I also miss the meets, the multi-day hangouts, the eating dinner afterwards, and the family time I don’t have much of anymore.

In conclusion of all of this, YMCA swimming may have been a total drain, and ate away at me quite a bit, but there are millions of benefits and upsides that make it worth it to a lot of people. If I hadn’t have been so deteriorated and tired at the end of season, I think I would’ve stayed. Maybe cut practice a bit to sleep some and keep up homework, but I would’ve stayed.


Do you really enjoy something about swim? Do you have best friends that moved teams or stopped swimming? What’s your favorite part of your swim family? Comment your answers below and share to see what everyone else will say!


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