Goal Times, And How You Should Set Them

We all have that one goal. The one person we want to beat, the time we want to break, or the friends we want to get best times on a relay with. Today the focus is on times. Maybe its twenty five seconds in the fifty free, or a minute in the one hundred fly. Whatever the time here is how to go about setting your goal times.

Starting off, where are you now? Write your current time down on the top of a blank piece of paper in smallish print. Typing use a 12 point font. This is where you are, your origin, the beginning of your next story. At the bottom of the page move up about an inch and write in sharpie a time you want to reach in the next four months. (This is geared for a high school season that lasts about three to four months.) Now, under the time you wrote at the top move down and write “Stone 1: ” and insert a time you want to use as a stepping stone. Then, do that for as many stepping stone times you believe you need. Interval and frequency is up to you.

Paste this paper on your Facebook page, your phones lock screen, your bedroom wall, your morning mirror. Anywhere you look daily or more this needs to be put so it reminds you of the times you need.

Finally, tell your family and coach and have a weekly meeting with your coach to discuss what you need to focus on to get your times faster and your daily schedule to fit a conducive workout everyday for your goal.


What’s your goal time? Tell me below and share your plan! 

Do you have ideas or something you want me to discuss in depth on SwimLife? Comment or tell me on social media!


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