Daily Prompt: Breakthrough

Having a Good day? Yeah, me too! Generally my posts stay pretty fact oriented or swimming oriented but today I decided to go first person to explain breakthrough.

Breakthroughs happen all the time, whether you think of it as a breakthrough or not. I remember I had been trying to reach this one time, a 59 on my 100 freestyle I believe, and it had been a good year and a half since I had gotten close. I worked my tail off for six months straight giving up time from friends and other fun activities to practice and read about swimming. I went to Hannibal, Missouri that weekend and swam my first ever 59.98! I was pumped! Guess what that breakthrough led to? A 58 two weeks after that because of my run off energy from my 59 break.

I guess my reasoning behind posting this is that no matter how hard you think you have it, how long you feel you haven’t accomplished anything, you can find breakthroughs every day. I can tell you, I add time a lot more than I drop. What breakthroughs do I have day to day? My stroke gets better, I work harder, I get stronger at swimming, and I always strive to be a better person. No matter what you accomplish materially, you can always strive to be, and be, a better person every day of the week all year to every person your in contact with. I don’t always do a stellar job at this… Who am I kidding, I hardly ever do a stellar job at this but I am working on it, and I challenge you to work at it too!


Thanks to uncoolbob via Flickr for the featured photo!


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