Top Five Drills

Here are five of my favourite drills for swimmers!


1) The Cobra. Watch this video for what this drill looks like. YouTube Swim Drill. This drill helps you work on getting your body more involved in breaststroke.


2) One-Arm Fly. Using one arm to replicate the fly stroke with the other out in its eleven position. Switch arms so both are used equally. Breathe to the front just like normal fly. Check this link here for more detailed synopsis.


3) Restart Fly. Float in eleven position and dolphin kick leading into one stroke and then glide, waiting until you come to a complete stop. Rinse and repeat.


4) One-armed fly. SwimSwam can explain this better than I can!


5) Arm Stroke, Multiple kicks. This drill is new to me so I’ll let the experienced people explain it here (number one on their list)! For the sake of typing it out to feel better about myself (we all nee an ego boost every once in a while right?) here is the basics: 100 meters, the first 25 is normal breaststroke, the second is one stroke two kicks the third is one and three kicks and the fourth is one and four kicks. Make sure to work your legs a lot the last twenty-five to get ready for 100 meter races!


Hey! If your still reading this great job, you made it! Now, like this post an share with your friends, or write a comment and I’ll respond as soon as possible! (Pretty quick since you know… I have no life) I apologize to announce that I am moving down to one post per week so I can keep up and continue excellent content. Have a great day and get swimming!


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