Daily Prompt: Original

This post doesn’t necessarily apply to swimming through the whole thing, but I will try to apply it whenever possible!

Original. Isn’t that what everyone strives for, original content, original stories, original ideas, inventions and plans. One problem everyone finds here is this: everything, in some form or fashion, has been used before. Now, I understand that cell phones were invented but think; the simplest version of a cell phone is ‘mobile communicator’. Otherwise known as the ability to communicate on the move. That idea was fashioned in paper, then in horseback mail deliverers, then in mail systems, and then it developed to devices you could use to contact other humans instantly on the move. Originality today cannot be defined as new inventions or ideas, Originality today should be defined as improvements, or new uses, of smaller ideas or items. Yes, has nobody ever written epic fantasy quite like JRR Tolkein, BUT, somebody has written a story with similar motifs, subplots, character motivations in their simplest. History repeats itself. Even countries that study history can’t quite break the mold all the way. Originality, in its new entirety, must be brought about through innovation, not invention theoretically. In swimming, if your not getting better, change something. Do something different. In essence, be original. Writers, don’t follow the bandwagon, twist stories in ways people have never heard or use traditional story ideas and make them gallant and new. Everyone can put their own twist on anything, make everything yours, make it original.

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